How to Test Your Laptop’s CPU Temperature

Using a free monitoring program, you can check your laptop's internal temperature, driven mostly by the CPU, to see if it's running too hot and in danger of [...]

The Top 5 Free Trusted Antivirus (2018)

These days having an antivirus software on your computer is important, but with so many options to choose from it’s hard to know what product to go for. [...]

There’s an ice deposit on Mars that contains as much water as Lake Superior

In November 2016, NASA announced that they found a huge water ice deposit in the Utopia Planitia region of Mars. If you follow news about the Red Planet, you [...]

“We’II say goodbye to our planet in 1000 years”, says Stephen Hawking

Humans have been on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. So far so good, right? Well, according to famed physicist Stephen Hawking, things around here are [...]

The Bermuda Triangle Is No Longer A Mystery

The area of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda known as the Bermuda Triangle is the source of much mystery. Over the centuries, reports of ships [...]

Can your hair really turn white from fear?

The phenomenon of hair turning white from fright (or shock, grief or stress) persists in literature, poetry and even a handful of medical journals. Though the [...]

Geometry helps you love and hate movie characters

Plenty of people don't love math. But math is one important reason people love certain characters in movies. The geometry of cinematography is something [...]


  Piko Taro is a character played by Japanese actor and songwriter Kazuhiko Kosaka. According to the site Spoon-Tamago, Kosaka introduced the character [...]

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded?

Note 7
You plug your smartphone into the bedside charger and place it on your nightstand with care. You wake to find your nightstand in flames, smoke billowing [...]

Windows vs Linux: which one is for you?

Linux: Open Source Windows: Closed Source When most people think of the battle for best operating system, they often think of the continuous struggle between [...]