CES 2k18

CES 2018 is here! The annual Las Vegas tech show wasted no time spilling all the gadgety goods, and that was before it even officially began. That’s just the way CES rolls, folks.

The official CES 2018 dates are January 9 though January 12, so now we’re well into the start of the conference. Already we’ve been treated to a slew of announcements and product reveals, ranging from an upgraded HTC Viveheadset and 8K TVs to new Sony smartphones and ultra-thin laptops from a wide range of manufacturers.

Plus, nearly every company is infusing their tech with AI and voice assistants this year, meaning our smart products are about to get even smarter.

Our editors traveled from far and wide to bring you up-to-the-minute news and first looks direct from the CES show floor. Two of our editors even embarked on an epic 2,5000-mile road trip that started in New York City and ended in Las Vegas, testing all the latest tech along the way. You can relive the adventure on our The Road to the Show 2018 liveblog.

Read on for all the latest news and hands on reviews from CES 2018, as well as what rumors are still circulating about what’s to come at the biggest tech show of the year – but before you even get into all that, we really think you should check out our run down of the best robots of CES… because that’s the future we now live in.

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